The trekkings are the best option to know the T.F.N.Park

The best way to get to know the Island in depth is to walk it, observe it and live it alone or accompanied. Walking trails, exploring forests, continue the sense of a river, observing flora and fauna and access unique vantage points.

“Trekking to Esmeralda lagoon”
This plan aims to please a wide range of tourists, nature lovers and any passengers that would like to make the most out of their stay. Everybody will be amazed with the colour of the Emerald Lagoon and with the habits and behavior of the introduced rodents (beavers) which generated a wide variety of opinions.
After noon, ( 2:30 / 3:30 PM), we will leave towards the starting point for a medium dificculty hike, towards the Emerald lagoon.
After about 3:30 hours, we will arrive to our cottage located in Tierra Mayor valley, where we will visit the nearby beaver dams and so we will be set to try to watch this shy animal. We will do so in an absolutely natural way, without the use of baits or lures. As the light fades out, we will return to the refuge where a pleasant dinner and a fine red wine are waiting for us.

“Trekking to Vicinguerra Glacier (FD)”
The tour begins in the morning, the walk goes along a meltwater, meandering river that goes through the peat bog that lines this valley. This wet and slippery ground will be found along much of the walk; so remember to pack the appropriate footwear! Once in the forest, the ascent is constant, and while it is intense at the beginning, it is less demanding near the treeline, at some
600 meters above sea level. Once above the treeline, the views of the surrounding mountain range’s craggy peaks that enclose the valley where the hike started are astonishing.
The ascent continues along a stream that feeds from a glacial lagoon where, a few decades ago, the Vinciguerra glacier used to have its terminus, and where it used to calve icebergs. Although nowadays the glacier retreated a few dozens of meters from the lagoon, it is now attractive for its caves and the magical gravitation it still has in this area of breathtaking views.

“Gable Island and Penguin Rookery with canoeing”
This tour takes up to 20 passengers for a ride, to navigate, to walk and to make discoveries in one of the roughest and most beautiful places in the Beagle channel.
We leave Ushuaia Eastbound along National Route No. 3 and Route “J”. Once we arrive to Lasiphashaj river, we will prompt the inflatable canoes down the river, and into the Beagle Channel. The group will be provided with rubber boots, overpants and lifejackets for the activity in the canoes that will go down the river and into the sea.
Once on the Beagle Channel, passengers will row setting course to the ranch.
Throughout the journey at sea will see wildlife: a variety of different seabirds and it is also usual, on the way to Harberton, to catch a sight of sea lions. On board a
motorboat, we will leave towards Martillo Island. From the boat, we will have the chance to see penguins in their breeding lair. Navigation on the motorboat continues up to the main attraction of the day: the enormous Gable Island, where we will lunch with a good Patagonian wine, soft drink and mineral water await.
After coffee, we will go for a hike to know more of this gorgeous island, crossing over beaver dams and through the forest to reach the Beagle Channel shore where we will take the boat to reach Puerto Harberton, and to hop on the bus that will leave us back in our hotel.