Although the concept of responsible tourism is linked to the conservation of the envirnment, in a broader sense it is not only a question of preserving the natural heritage of a country or a city, but also its cultural and social wealth.

We can all contribute to the endogenous development and sustainable tourism in our country. Development is endogenous when it is born from within, from every home and community, from the depths of every citizen or citizen. In this sense, responsible tourism is that tourism that promotes social equity, environment, preserving the quality of life of present and future generations, it is built in the community itself, preserving its historical , cultural, socio-economic and environmental values.

Tourism is a source of well-being for all and opportunitty because it contributes to generate new sources of employment, to recognize, value and show the world the diversity of our tourist attractions, the richness of our heritage and the warmth of our people. It promotes cultural exchange through the encounter. It promotes integration through participation.


1) Let us know about the history, nature and culture of the places of we visit.
2) Respect nature by observing wildlife without disturbing its habitat.
3) Let us respect the silence and lisen to the sound of Nature.
4) If we visit sensitive ecosystems, let us know how to cause the least possible impact.
5) Use natural resources sparingly (such as water and energy)
6) Do not throw waste in the middle, return with them until you can leave them properly.
7) Be careful with fire.
8) Ww consume local products, this way we will know the handricafts, the customs, the gastronomy and the local culture.
9) Let´s build a more healthy and supportive place with our trip.
10). In a natural space, lets us try to make sure that the only trace left behind is our footsteps.