Portal Cañadón Pinturas ARGENTINA – CHILE
Nature and archeological
The native wilds – life and  theremnanst of acient cultures come together in this portal to offer a new way for visitors to connect with nature.
In the heart of the Patagonia, the Pinturas Ruver Canyon invites you to explore its trails and visit the Cueva de la Manos with its over 9.000 years of history regarding the first hunter-gatherers that occupied this place.

Location: On Nat ional Route 40, 56 km.
South of Per i to Moreno and 74 km Nor th
of Bajo Caracoles . (AR)

Posadas Lake & Pueyrredón
Beauty hidden wi thin the mountains .
The area surrounding the Posadas Lake offers breath thaking natural and geolocial beatuy at the foot of the Andes mountain range.
The waters heds of the Posadas, Ghio, and Pueyrredorn lakes, the Garganta del Rio Oro and the incredible Cerro de los Indios with its over 3700 years old paintings and engravings present the ideal setting for visitors enjoy an incredible experience in this corner of the Patagonia.


Catedral de Mármol
Puer to Tranquilo – Aysén Region
Located at the shore of General Carrera lake and since Puerto Río Tranquilo, we can visit Chilean Patagonia Nature Sanctuary.
In thsi place, there are amazing calcium carbonate formations on the lake wich were sculpted by water and the passing of years and got striking forms similar to those of religious constructions made by humans
SEASON: Since October until March
From NORTH – Bariloche
From SOUTH – El Chalten/El Calafate
From East – Comodoro Rivadavia
From West – Balmaceda (CH)