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This plan aims to please a wide range of tourists, nature lovers and any passengers that would like to make the most out of their stay. Everybody will be amazed with the colour of the Emerald Lagoon and the environmental impact that the beavers generated in the landscape.
Around 2:30 and 3:30 PM leave towards the starting point for a medium difficulty hike, towards the Emerald lagoon. The walk to the Emerald Lagoon does not present a big challenge to passengers who love exercise and with the appropriate clothing but, depending on the climatic conditions in the Tierra Mayor valley, which is crossed on foot, can be very wet and hinder the walk.
After some 3:30 hours arrive to a cottage located in Tierra Mayor valley. As the light fades out a pleasant dinner and a fine red wine shared with travelers from all over the world certainly will be worthy to be remembered.

Aperitif: marinades, cheese, olives. Lentils stew. Mineral water, soft drinks and Patagonian red wine (Malbec)
Attractive: Emerald Lagoon, Mount Alvear and Bonete.
Included: drop off to the hotel, Spanish/English guides, dinner and drinks.
Not included: pick up from the hotel (meeting point: Canal’s office at the city centre).

Basic, recommended attire: waterproof trekking boots and jacket, warm clothing, an extra pair of socks.

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