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They are made from mid June to mid December. It can be combined with the Península Valdés land excursion. Subject to weather conditions.

The on-board sightings leave only from the tourist village of Puerto Pirámide, being this the authorized port to carry out the activity. For this one-of-a-kind experience, basic advice will be provided by enlisting all visitors.

Once equipped with lifeguards, our passengers will be driven directly to the boats (previously agreed outputs).

Without having to navigate too much, it is possible to see them a few meters from the coast. With boats enabled and equipped for the optimal enjoyment of the experience, it will be possible to enjoy the guaranteed sightings and share a time in the life of these giants of the sea.

The observation of animals in freedom teaches us about the natural balance and respect for species and the environment. The Southern Right whale moves, plays, jumps, shows its tail or caudal fin and often rotates on itself within centimeters of the boat to be able to watch its spotters taking one of its big eyes out of the water.

Both adults and children will be able to make the excursion without difficulties.

Wear: comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.

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Departure from Puerto Piràmides.

One hour and a half approximately.

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