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No experience required. Difficulty low. All year. Subject to weather conditions.

In order to satisfy a public who loves sea and nature, a short expedition has been developed in kayak, seeking to mix the adventure and the excitement of sailing in a sea kayak, along with the playful sea lions and a very serious interpretation of the medium Natural environment in which these marine mammals live.
Together with our specialized guides, you will paddle in a sea kayak, in the waters of the Golfo Nuevo, making different stops for the observation and interpretation of the fauna, flora and geography of the place. The colonies of cormorants and seagulls on the cliffs give an unequaled frame to the crossing.
It is a very low physical expedition, which makes it one of the most chosen, for those who do not have previous experience.
It is a recommended expedition, to do with family and for all those who little by little want to go diving in the activity of sea kayak.

Wear: comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots or sneakers, hat, jacket and sunscreen.

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Departure from Puerto Piràmides.

Four hours approximately.

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