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This full-day excursion at Iguazú follows a path of singular beauty through the typical localities of the Province. 
Wanda mines. The excursion starts with the first hours of the day in a tour that takes us first to visit one of the first Mines to be discovered and exploited in the town of Wanda, and then pass by the pioneering national route 12, observing the side of the same plantation of Tea, Yerba mate and other typical products, crossing picturesque towns and cities of this beautiful Argentine province, until arriving at the historic city of San Ignacio.  40 kilometers from the city of Iguazú, we will venture to exploit the mining wealth of the region. The subsoil of the province of Misiones is the massif of Brasilia, geological formation of basalt, dotted with geodes of the most diverse semiprecious stones of different quality and intensity of colors.  Agates, topazes, amethysts, quartz, crystals will make us change our energies in a synergy of learning, good humor and excellence of the guides of the site that will take you between tunnels and spaces to open skies, in the world of Miners.      
Ruins of San Ignacio. This sub-South American suburb, once hosted one of the most extraordinary historical, social and cultural experiences of human experience. It was the birthplace and shelter of the Jesuit-Guaranies missions in the seventeenth century, vestiges of them can be visited in extension and depth accompanied by the best guides of the site. The value of these has been recognized by UNESCO when declaring it a heritage site. The ruins of the reductions of San Ignacio Mini, constitute the touristic resource par excellence of the city and one of the main ones of the province. The degree of preservation of the whole, perimeter walls, temple, workshops, family homes and the square, allow us to appreciate what was the urban outline of the monumental work that the guaranies, guided by the Jesuit parents carried forward. After a free time for an excellent lunch in one of the local restaurants or visit the crafts fair, we return to leave them in their original hotels.

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