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Iguazú, wide river dotted with island, meek and shallow, falls vertically from a lava ravine that goes from 80 to 65 meters high, dazzling us with an arch of mere waterfalls. A natural spectacle that paralyzes our voice and opens our soul. Each morning we make this excursion to visit the waterfalls and see it from different angles and perspectives. Entering through the Visitor Center, there are several walks in the jungle to admire the giants of this green world, the jungle that gives us its aromas, its colors, its freshness, a unique contact with this biome increasingly scarce in the world modern. Walks suitable for all types of visitors and with different levels of difficulty. The catwalks offer wonderful visits to the falls and the opportunity to be in contact with the fauna. From colorful insects such as dragonflies, butterflies and beetles; the curious coat is and monkeys; great variety of birds such as magpies, jotes and toucans; and there are days when we are surprised by the staring look of a corzuela, a capybara or even a puma looking out over the edge of the mountain. A walk in the narrow gauge train to complete Las Delicias for adults and children, it is a service that acts as a link between the 3 different circuits or walkways of the National Park; lower, upper and throat of the devil. The visitor always satisfied, is the goal, with the joy to the top, accompanied by the best guides knowledgeable of secrets, legends and anecdotes that will make more complete the visit to this heritage of the humanity and one of the 7 wonders of the world. There will be time for your picnics if you have been there, taking the utmost care to pick up the trash and not feed the wild animals, or enjoy one of an excellent lunch in the park’s very well equipped gastronomic plaza. You can also combine the walks with optional optional walks or a jungle safari.    Just like the beginning of the early morning excursion, the end of the afternoon we return to their respective hotels.

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Transfer in/out – SIB.

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