Exploring Patagonia

A different and magic way to travel from Buenos Aires to Patagonia.
From Bahía Blanca, in the southeast of Buenos Aires province, we will enter the virgin area of northern Patagonia.
Once in Patagonia, we will travel along a wild coastal route. During the trip we will enjoy nature and native fauna visiting a sea lion colony and the biggest burrowing parrot (Cyanoliseus patagonus) colony in the world. Because of its great biodiversity and amazing landscape, this area is ideal to go bird watching and photograph nature. We can also go fishing and gather seafood.
Location: Provintial Route 1: 200 km from San Antonio Este port to Viedma, Río Negro province.

Creek Bay
Creek Bay is a sea town of around thirty small houses that hangs from a cliff. Below the village, the sea lost tens of kilometers in its blue immensity, creating a spectacular panoramic view. The town is surrounded by a field of moving dunes and endless virgin beaches with large flocks of sea birds. Their inhabitants are bohemian fishermen who live in a quiet and natural life. A paradise to enjoy nature near Buenos Aires.

Cultural Heritage

Discovering an interesting history. Carmen de Patagones is an old town on the Negro river, with more than 200 years of history. It was a fort and a port of corsairs. Nowadays, it has a beautiful historic quarter, with winding streets and old clay houses. The oldest Patagonian lighthouse is located near Carmen de Patagones, at the mouth of the river. At the western end of the route, San Antonio Oeste is a deep water port with a long railway history.