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This experience takes place in the Provincial Wildlife Reserve of Punta Loma, to which we arrive after half an hour of a beautiful sailing. This stable colony of fur seals allows us to live this adventure throughout the year. Once in the place, we will enter the water and for 45 minutes we will be snorkeling with these friendly animals.
The interaction achieved in this Reserve has no precedent elsewhere on the planet. There is no record that these animals, in the wild, approach and play with humans as they do here. Two important characteristics inherent to this species, friendliness and curious nature, are determining factors in understanding the reasons why they interact in this way with people.
Snorkeling is an option for all, who have experience in diving and also for those who even without knowing how to swim, know how to move in the water and make the most of the resort after receiving a snorkeling training through the instructors. This way you will feel relaxed to enjoy without conditioning this exciting adventure.

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Transfer in/out – SIB from the provider office.

Three hours approximately.

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